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1st time home buying tips

Buying and owning a house or condominium. It’s exciting to think/dream about and it’s a lot of fun looking online and driving neighborhoods but at some point you need to do the necessary things to make you look and feel like an actual buyer to the agents and sellers out there. You also need to […]

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First time buyer FAQ’s

Having helped hundreds of good people buy (and sell!) homes over the past 26 years I’ve come across some naturally reaccuring questions that I’d thought I would address to make this world of real estate a little easier on you, the home buyer. Let’s look at a few; 1) “What style do you call that […]

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Just what is “escrow” anyway?

Good day real estate buyers and sellers. Let’s talk a bit about real estate escrow because it’s a big part of a real estate transaction. Actually this topic is aimed more at buyers than sellers since, as a seller, its implied that you’ve been through a real estate closing before unless you inherited the house……..and […]

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